Dental Surgeon

Dr Jean has been in dental practice since 1992. She graduated from the Dental Faculty of the University of Malaya.

She is very passionate about her clinical work and believes firmly in educating her patients to improve and maintain a high quality in their dental health.  She is convinced that preventive and minimally invasive dentistry is the way to go.

By constantly updating her knowledge in all aspects of general dentistry she is able to continue to improve the standard of care that she is able to offer and which she feels that her patients deserve.

She is currently teaching part time at the Restorative Department of the Faculty of Dentistry in University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

In addition to being a member of the Malaysia Dental Association, Dr Jean holds memberships in other professional organizations including the Malaysian Private Dental Practitioners’ Association,the Malaysian Endodontic Society(in which she is serving as its publication secretary) and the Malaysian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Dr Jean is happily married to TC Lau and they have 5 lovely children. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her family. At home, she enjoys cooking, baking ,reading and running.

As much as she enjoys her work as a dentist, she holds on to her priorities in life ;the family first ie her marriage and her relationship with her 5 children is of utmost importance. After which comes clinical practice and work relationships. On the community side, both Dr Jean and her husband are involved in helping to train leaders to run family life-related courses under an NGO.

Dental Surgeon

Dr Amy has been practising dentistry since 2002 after graduating from the University of Malaya. Sharing the similar philosophy of practice as we have at iSmile, she has fitted in with ease since joining us in August 2007, initially on a part time basis and subsequently in June 2008,she came on as a full time associate.

Dr Amy is a member of Malaysian Dental Association,the Malaysian Association of Aesthetic Dentistry and the Malaysian Endodontic Society.
She is passionate about providing good dental care and has a special interest in Cosmetic Dentistry and Preventive Dentistry.
With her delightful personality and a passion for excellence, Dr Amy is much loved by staff and patients alike.


Dental surgeon

Dr Ling has been practising dentistry since 2006 after graduating from University Science of Malaysia with honours. Hers was a tale of reluctance of studying dentistry and fear of the oral cavity during her undergraduate days. The turning point of her early dental days was by a priceless smile from a toothless elderly man after being given a pair of dentures she made. She has never looked back eversince then and till today, she is very passionate about providing sound dental education and care to the community, and takes extra care and delight in putting back smiles into lives around her.

Dr Ling joined iSmile in 2009 as a permanent staff and firmly believes in the philosophy that is practiced here. She enjoys all areas in dentistry and loves keeping herself abreast with the current trends and updates in the dental world. Dr Ling holds membership with the Malaysian Dental Association, the Malaysian Association of Aesthetic Dentistry and the Malaysian Endodontic Society.

Dr Ling is happily married to her childhood sweetheart, Liang and is blessed with 3 lovely kids.



Dental surgeon 


Dr Priscilla graduated from University Malaya in 2003. She served 3 years in the civil service with the Ministry of Health before leaving for private practice, joining iSmile in April 2011.

Currently, Dr Priscilla practices only on Saturdays. At other times, she is a full-time home maker to her 4 young children.

She finds great satisfaction in helping her patients, especially young children, overcome their fear of dentists.



Dental Surgeon

Dr Haw-Yeng has been practising dentistry since 2002 after graduating from the University of Malaya. She subsequently served her 3 years of  National Dental Service under the Ministry of Health, where she was posted to work as a Dental Officer in the state of Pahang. In the duration of 3 years and working in 3 different locations, she earned the award of excellence as Best Dental Officer in 2005 in the Pahang state .

She then moved on to practise in the private sector. Throughout the years she has grown in her passion for dentistry and she enjoys the opportunity in providing care to her patients and ensuring they have goof oral and dental health. She has also developed a special interest in the field of orthodontics and she finds much joy and satisfaction in providing her patients with beautiful and happy smiles.

Sharing the similar philosophy of practice as we have here at iSmile, she is delighted to join us in June 2013 as a full time associate dental surgeon.



Accounts and administrative manager

Pei Ching joined us in 2008 has been a gem and a great asset to us at iSmile. She handles all the administrative matters and that enables all of us to focus on our respective work without having to worry about the paper work etc.

She is perhaps one of the most responsible and reliable person ever in her area of work. We also find her extremely dependable and trustworthy.

Amazingly, Pei Ching is on her way to getting her MBA, and she is keen to go beyond that. We will continue to encourage to pursue her dreams, knowing well that her pursuit for higher education has not in anyway affected her dedication and focus in her work.


Front Desk Manager


Elaine has been in the service industry and has equipped herself with more than 10 years of experience in focusing on “Customer Service”. The experience brought along would definitely be a refreshing change and added advantage in her job as a dental Front Desk Manager.

As a mother of 3 lovely children and married to Anthony Choo, she finds time in tending to her small garden at home whenever she has the opportunity in her tight daily schedule.

As a firm believer in providing the best to the customers, Elaine can always be able to be depended upon for queries or service whenever possible.


Dental Assistant


Siti is an experienced dental assistant and she has with her 10 years of work experience in various clinics,both dental and medical. As a dental assistant,she is committed to doing her best in order that the dental professional she works with is able to work in an optimum capacity.

Siti is married to Mohd Fariq Khan and they have 4 beautiful young children.

Always one with a smile on her face and a cheerful attitude, she is also one with a great sense of humor and the life-wire amongst us.

Dental Assistant


Kathy started her career as a dental assistant 20 years ago, and she has vast experience working in several established dental clinics.Always initiative and responsible,Kathy has proven beyond doubt that she is an able, trustworthy and diligent staff.

Happily married to SC Tia,they have 3 children and currently,Kathy works on a part time basis as she dedicates the rest of her time to her family.


Dental Assistant

Fondly known as Idah,this is a very young,intelligent and hard working girl who has proven beyond doubt that she is a fast and keen learner .

Idah joined us in mid 2007 and within 6 months she is working independantly and very competent in her work.

With her calibre and determination,she will go far,and we are all extremely proud of her capabilities and her pleasant personality.

Idah is married and has a lovely little boy.


Dental Assistant

Shuhada joined iSmile in August 2008 and has since become very much a part of our team.She is keen to learn and always willing to help in any way possible. Shu, as she is known to all of us ,is a hard-working person with a sweet and very likable personality.

We are glad and proud to have her as a part of the iSmile team.

Shuhada is married with 2 beautiful small children .



Dental Assistant


Jac, as she is fondly known , joined as in 2011. Holding a Diploma in Nursing , Jac is a very capable person who learnt to adapt to the working life in a dental clinic very quickly.

Hailing from the East Malaysian state of Sabah, she has very faithful and dedicated in her work and has won the hearts of all of us at iSmile for her dilligence and determination.

We are proud to have her in our midst.




Perhaps the most dedicated player on our team, the patient never takes a day off.
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our patients for their continued support!

A testimonial from the heart:  

It’s been really refreshing to receive such wonderful customer service and to experience such a clean, hi-tech environment. While the latter is very reassuring, it is really the excellent service that moves me to choose iSmile. Jean and Elaine, you two must be applauded. Please keep it up as you’re an example for others to follow.

Michael D’Oliveiro

Kuala Lumpur

“I went to iSmile to get a couple of fillings done. I wasn’t expecting a full on ‘experience’!! There was a entertainment system in the foyer, free WIFI and drinks. On the dental chair, there was a comfortable sunglass (to protect from spray) and even a comfortable wrap-around headphones with nice soothing music (this was one of my highlights!). All this added on to Dr Jean’s gentle manner really made me feel like i was in good hands. Well a month on and i still can’t stop talking about how good my teeth look and how great that appointment was.”

Ling Hsern Wei


Our experience at iSmile:

iSmile is a dental practice with a difference. We take the kind and cheerful staff, the pristine and elegant premises for granted but more importantly, it is run by the most caring and forward-looking dentist (Dr Ong) we have come across.  She has the patient’s best interest as her first priority.  We put our entire dental health and trust in her hands and we do as she instructs – together we try and keep our teeth as long as we can.  It is rare to find a dentist who scores a 10 on your wish list. We have found her and we will stick with her. We travel thousands of miles to come to Ismile and it is worth it!

Dr & Mrs. J Fowler

Hong Kong