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June 13, 2007

Tooth whitening-a testimonial

Blogged under Testimonial,Tooth whitening by DrJean on Wednesday 13 June 2007 at 5:56 pm

“As a dental practitioner, I’ve always wanted to have first-hand experience at tooth whitening to help me communicate the entire process more effectively to my patients. The market has been inundated with so many whitening systems that choosing a product can be quite a dilemma, even for dentists! After doing some research I settled on Britesmile.

The entire process took one hour and consisted of three 20-minute cycles.The overall experience was comfortable though I did feel some pain towards the end of the 3rd cycle. Nevertheless it was bearable and I could continue with treatment and go about my routine afterwards. This sharp, tingling pain lasted about 12 hours.

As expected the teeth appeared a little chalky immediately after, due to dehydration. By the 3rd day this settled into a nice, natural white shade which earned me some praises over Chinese new year  🙂 There was an overall improvement of about 4-5 shades, which isn’t bad at all. I am looking forward to introducing this product to my patients and hopefully we’ll be seeing brighter and happier smiles soon.”

Dr Amy Chin

Dental Surgeon,BDS (Malaya)

January 24, 2007

Gum disease,you can do something about it

Blogged under Gum health,Oral health care,Testimonial by DrJean on Wednesday 24 January 2007 at 2:22 am

I have a friend,who is my patient at iSmile.Steven had been avoiding the dentist’s clinic for years.When he finally made it to see me,I had to give him plenty of credit for that.Unfortunately,I couldn’t do the same for him oral health at that time.

I took some pictures,encouraged him to beef up his oral hygiene and did quite a thorough cleaning for his teeth.I also taught him to floss his teeth correctly.

Well,when I reviewed him a month later,there was tremendous improvement.This time,he really deserved much credit!


When Steven first came to see me………….and a month after.

I must say that there is so much more motivation on Steven’s part to keep his teeth clean and more importantly,his gums healthy.Gum disease,also known as periodontitis,is increasingly becoming a rampant disease and widely linked to many systemic diseases ie heart disease and diabetes,to mention a few.More about that later.

Steven has also written a very animated testimonial for me which I am putting on this blog,with his permission.It brought a huge smile to my face when I first read it.Here it is.

The question about which part of the body is more important; the ear shall not tell the mouth that I am more important; in the same way the eye shall not tell the nose that you are not important, each part depends on one another for a integrated effort to keep the body alive and healthier.

How about my teeth?
I must confess that, I did not understand the basic principle on what I need do.
In the past I was always skeptical about making an appointment with the dentist.I still remember the pain, blood and the sound from the grinding and polishing …

Definitely  not a good idea to go to a dentist, what you get is a lot of pain, complaints about my teeth being in a very bad condition etc, and after which I still need to pay the dentist for making me feel bad and telling me all the bad news…….

In the past I mistreated my teeth without love and used them like a slave worker, with my command each of them cannot refuse to work for my eating; I did not take good care of them until I was introduced by a church friend to Dr. Jean. As usual, I missed my first appointment with her and I had to reschedule another appointment.I could recall my last time seeing a dentist was more then 5 years ago, and I choose not to remember them…..
Thank God I finally repented.
I discover that Dr.Jean is different .She is most passionate about what she does and would go to great length to take away my fears.With her gentle encouragement, I began to fall in love with my teeth again, and learning all the techniques to brush and floss my teeth…still trying very hard to change and to appreciate my teeth everyday.
I am very thankful to Dr.Jean for her gentleness, In fact I do enjoy the visits to the dental clinic now compared to the past. She provides me the best music and brings a smile to my face every time I visit  “i-Smile” dental clinic… 
Prepared by Steven

January 6, 2007

One happy patient

Blogged under Aesthetic Dentistry,Technology,Testimonial by DrJean on Saturday 6 January 2007 at 9:21 pm

Dental treatment has moved towards aesthetics and cosmetics in the recent years.Dental material have also revolutionised to enable us as dental professionals to produce very aesthetically pleasing restorations on our patients.And for me,it is always most satisfying when my patients return to me or write to me to tell me how pleased they are with their new smile.

This is the case of Aireen.She has been walking around over the last few years with a badly discoloured front tooth which was previously root-canal treated.And she has some unaesthetic restorations placed on her two front teeth.

This was Aireen,before

And this is Aireen,after

The smile on her face was priceless.Aireen emailed me a picture of her taken with her friends over the Christmas season and this is what she wrote,”Hello Dr Jean,now I can smile like I used to.Thanks again.Regards,Aireen”

Aireen is seated 2nd from the right.Hey,Aireen.You look lovely!


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