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January 1, 2014

Family holiday in Vietnam

Blogged under Family by DrJean on Wednesday 1 January 2014 at 5:06 pm

Last December, we went for a 10-day trip to Vietnam ,covering Hanoi,  Halong Bay, Danang, Hoi An, Dalat and  HoChiMinh City.

Some snippets of our holiday…


Feeling very thankful and blessed to be able to do this with my family 🙂



December 31, 2013

Trying to stay fit

Blogged under Personal by DrJean on Tuesday 31 December 2013 at 10:30 am

I enjoy running, and my dear husband ,who has always had a bad knee would encourage me but he could not really run very well. However he is such a determined person and he decided to see various doctors, from orthopaedic surgeons to specialists in sports medicine ,to try to get his knees back to shape, so that he could run with me. So he spent time training in the gym specifically for his knees after the advice of one particular surgeon in Singapore. And  I am so blessed to have a running partner now!

So in year 2013 ,we happily signed up for a number of runs, with distances ranging from 10km to 21km(half marathon). We even went to do one in Bangkok and one in Singapore.



I am constantly reminding myself to be thankful that we are still able to run and keep ourselves fit, and enjoy doing this together.






20 good years

Blogged under Personal by DrJean on Tuesday 31 December 2013 at 4:43 am

This year my husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. We had the privilege to spend a week in Japan together,covering Tokyo,Osaka and Kyoto. Even more privileged to fly business class, thanks to the many frequent flyer points accumulated by TC’s work travels.



We did the things we enjoy doing together- eating and walking and  even managed to run around the Osaka castle!




Interacting with students

Blogged under Personal by DrJean on Tuesday 31 December 2013 at 2:42 am

One of the things I enjoy besides clinical practice as a dental practitioner is the opportunity to teach clinical students in the university.I have been doing clinical supervision for Year 4 students in the dental faculty in my alma mater,the University of Malaya(UM),for a few years now. And apart from being able to impart clinical knowledge and helping them improve their clinical skills, I also enjoy interacting with them. So I try to routinely organize some food and fun sessions for them at my home. I used to do that only for a small group of dental students from the Christian fellowship for many years now, but in the recent years, I felt that I should just include anyone who wants to come along, and oh yes! along they came!

It was Chinese New Year season, so we had quite a crowd, playing games and making a lot of happy noise! (my neighbors are quite used to these noisiness by now!)





I also had the privilege to prepare a home-cooked meal for the final year students who finished their final exams in July. These ones are now serving as Dental Officers in various locations all over Malaysia.

They had earlier invited me as one of their “cikgu”s(teacher) to attend an Appreciation Night at the university.

These students and eventual great dentists will always be cherished as my dear friends because of these times we share ,whether it be in or out of their polyclinics. I look forward to more of these times…

One other thing that I do routinely in my practice ,is to have visiting students from some local universities . They usually come in small groups to visit and to find out some information about a private practice. Last year, the dental faculty of UM came up with a mentoring program where the students are allocated/attached to a particular clinic for a few days for them to get a better idea of how a practice is run. I had 2 of them who came and spent some time with us at iSmile

April 24, 2013

Family holiday in Taiwan

Blogged under Family by DrJean on Wednesday 24 April 2013 at 3:48 am

11 days together in Taiwan was quite a feat for the 7 of us in the family, including our youngest who was then 15 month old. However everyone agreed that it was one of the best family holidays ever! It reminded us to be thankful for one another.

So here’s sharing some clips from our lovely holiday in November 2012





January 1, 2013

Holiday in Bangkok with my younger daughter

Blogged under Family,Personal by DrJean on Tuesday 1 January 2013 at 8:25 am

My 2nd daughter Tjia-Yi will be a teenager soon,and I realise that she is growing up fast. In spite of our busyness, my husband and I are constantly reminding ourselves to be intentional parents, So we do try to prioritize some of our time for our children as they are growing up.
So I planned a short trip to Bangkok ,this time with my 2nd daughter.
We did the eating and shopping thing,and had a very good time.


Our little girl turns one

Blogged under Family,Personal by DrJean on Tuesday 1 January 2013 at 4:56 am

On the 5th August 2012,we celebrated our youngest’s 1st birthday.
How fast a year has passed!
We are so thankful for a healthy and bubbly little girl,much loved by everyone.







August 28, 2012

Holiday in Hong Kong

Blogged under Family by DrJean on Tuesday 28 August 2012 at 2:59 am

My eldest daughter and I planned a short holiday together during her college semester break last June.
It was an opportunity for mother and daughter to just spend some fun quality time together in the midst of all our busy schedules.
We had lots of food..
We did some touristy things together.

It was a lovely lovely time together with Tjia-Ern and we are looking forward to more times like this.

June 1, 2012

2012 Commonwealth Dental Association/Malaysian Dental Association/FDI World Dental federation International Scientific Convention and Trade Exhibiton cum 69th MDA AGM

Blogged under Dental Education,Personal by DrJean on Friday 1 June 2012 at 6:46 pm

I just attended the 2012 Commonwealth Dental Association/Malaysian Dental Association/FDI World Dental federation International Scientific Convention and Trade Exhibiton cum 69th MDA AGM at the Borneo Convention Center in Kuching,Sarawak last weekend.The title was “Bridging Technologies: Past,Present & Future”

It was an excellent meeting and I learnt a lot from the numerous speakers who spoke on very relevant topics. There is much that I have taken back with me to be applied in my practice.Kudos to the Eastern Zone MDA Committee for organizing such a successful conference.
I must add here that I am beginning to like visiting Sarawak very much. It is refreshingly different from the hustle and bustle of the Klang Valley(PJ and KL) .



And I have made some very very good friends who always welcome me with warmth and hospitality par excellence. I had the opportunity to enjoy a bit of Kuching food and hospitality together with my husband,who came along with me on this trip. We love the Dayak food ,the famous Sarawak laksa, the Foochow noodles etc!


And we also stayed back one day in Kuching after the conference to  do training for leaders on how to run  The Parenting Course .


It was a very fruitful trip….but I missed my children, and it made me decide that the next time I will bring the whole family along for such trips!









May 21, 2012

Another year and I am celebrating my anniversary again…

Blogged under Family,Personal by DrJean on Monday 21 May 2012 at 8:40 am

How time flies….

I thought I had just posted some photos on my last anniversary trip to Macau and HongKong and  now,I just came back from another trip away with dear husband for our 19th anniversary.

We went to Phuket for a very nice 3-day break . I am thankful that I can go off for breaks and holidays knowing that I have my associates and staff in the clinic who will take good care of things for me.

We rented a motorcycle (which was quite a common thing to do on Phuket island if you want to get around) and did some serious road trips!




Then of course there is glorious Thai food!!








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