Hi,my name is Jean and I am a dentist.I will be setting up my own dental clinic called iSmile Dental Center.I am still in the process of uploading the entire content of my iSmile site.

It has been an exciting journey for me to come to this point where I will actually be realising my dream of having my own dental practice,the way I want it to be.I thank God for the many people who have inspired and encouraged me.

I have some pictures of the renovation I want to share.Its quite interesting to seeĀ something take shape from the original state that it was in.

That was what itĀ  looked like originally,stickers upon stickers plastered all over..

Disaster zone!Ceiling boards and wallpapers torn down,wires and cables dangling all over…

New frames for plaster ceiling,and things are beginning to look better.

Partition boards went up and this is lead sheet which is installed between the boards.Thats to block out X-rays .

The frontage was knocked out,and new glass was installed.

There is more .I will post more soon!