I think I attended so many conferences and courses this year that I lost count of the number. Some were really good with some excellent top-notch speakers. Some were only so-so. However, there is always something I can learn whatever the circumstances.

I also take the opportunity during these scientific meetings to catch up with my colleagues and other dental practitioners. We are constantly busy with our respective schedules that these are precious time for us to catch up with one another.



This year I signed up for an endodontic conference in Seoul,Korea; also taking the opportunity to visit Korea. I attended the 17th Scientific Congress of APEC (Asia Pacific Endodontic Confederation )  in COEX ,Gangnam ,and the congress was entitled “New Horizon in Endodontics”.

This was an excellent conference with most of the big names in endodontics from around the world ,all gathering to share the latest in endodontics. It was a real privilege to be there together with another fellow Malaysian, at the same time experiencing the Korean culture.  They are so efficient that they have their association meeting during lunch hour AND eat their lunch at the same time!





And while in Korea, TC,who traveled there with me, decided that we should hike up at least one of its many mountains. Hiking is one of the favorite activities here. So we went up Mount Bukhansan,which was near to the city. Located within the Bukhansan national park, we climbed the Baegundae Peak,which was the highest peak on Bukhansan, at 840m. What an experience! after that we are determined that we will return to Korea for more hikes.




This year I also decided to attend an implant course, just to keep myself up to date on what is the latest in dental implants and its applications. For the longest time I shied away from placing implants surgically, only staying to the prosthodontics portion of the implant treatment. So it was an interesting step for me .

I attending a few full-day  intensive lecture sessions and we had to place implants on patients under supervision as part of the course.


There is still so much to learn………….