I just attended the 2012 Commonwealth Dental Association/Malaysian Dental Association/FDI World Dental federation International Scientific Convention and Trade Exhibiton cum 69th MDA AGM at the Borneo Convention Center in Kuching,Sarawak last weekend.The title was “Bridging Technologies: Past,Present & Future”

It was an excellent meeting and I learnt a lot from the numerous speakers who spoke on very relevant topics. There is much that I have taken back with me to be applied in my practice.Kudos to the Eastern Zone MDA Committee for organizing such a successful conference.
I must add here that I am beginning to like visiting Sarawak very much. It is refreshingly different from the hustle and bustle of the Klang Valley(PJ and KL) .



And I have made some very very good friends who always welcome me with warmth and hospitality par excellence. I had the opportunity to enjoy a bit of Kuching food and hospitality together with my husband,who came along with me on this trip. We love the Dayak food ,the famous Sarawak laksa, the Foochow noodles etc!


And we also stayed back one day in Kuching after the conference to  do training for leaders on how to run  The Parenting Course .


It was a very fruitful trip….but I missed my children, and it made me decide that the next time I will bring the whole family along for such trips!