I just returned home from Singapore after attending  the FDI Annual World Dental Congress(AWDC) held at the Suntec Convention Centre there from the 2nd to 5th September. The FDI AWDC plays an important role in the advancement of dentistry. This internationally recognised event is held in a different city every year.And it was so good (and definitely so much more economical for me) that this year,it was held relatively close to home because most of the time it is held in the American or European continent.

This event comprises of scientific programmes,exhibitions and meetings by representatives from all over the world to strategize,plan and make policies for the advancement of dentistry in the future.

The scientific programme is an educational event with speakers from around the world presenting on the latest scientific topics affecting the dental profession globally. We had 4 days of lectures to attend,which covered all the various aspects of dentistry.It is quite awesome to be a part of  this huge group of dental practitioners from all over the world,who had gathered together to learn.The speakers were truly chosen from among the best.They go beyond excellence,bringing dentistry to a different level ,in the things they do,whether it be in the area of research or clinical work.

I felt  privileged to be a participant in this event as there is this increasing realisation that dentistry is moving in a direction where changes are occuring so rapidly.We are in the era of practising evidence-based dentistry.We do not just do what the textbooks say and definitely not what we learnt in dental school around 2 decades ago(well at least I am speaking for myself). Things have changed so much that it unnerves me to think that a big chunk of what I learnt in dental school is actually obsolete. Well,it just goes to prove that learning is an ongoing and a life-long process.

The dental exhibition was showcase of state-of-the-art advanced dental technology, equipment and products. Some of the products exhibited were being launched for the first time.

I guess one of the main things that I took home is the assurance that I am doing the right things in my practice and using the right materials for different cases.

Managed to take some pictures with my mobile phone…