I just came back from Bangkok last week,after attending a conference organised by the Dental Association of Thailand and sponsored by 3M Espe,entitled New Aspects of Dentistry 2009.

It was a really good conference with a team of excellent speakers lead by Dr Gordon Christensen,who is one of the authorities in current-day dentistry.There was so much to learn from them.Unfortunately,with the current threat of the AH1N1 flu,the number of participants from the region was not very encouraging,which was a great pity.


Posed for some pictures with the 5 esteemed speakers and the president of the dental association of Thailand.

The 3M Espe head of dental division,Khun Jirawan,extended me warm Thai hospitality and I truly appreciated that.

Actually the highlight of my Bangkok trip was THIS….food,glorious food!!!


To my delight,dear hubby agreed to take a few days off his work and accompanied me on the trip,”to be your bodyguard”,he said.

After all the food that we had indulged in,we attempted to burn some of it off by doing the 10km run in the Siemens Run over the weekend,back in Kuala Lumpur.


Here we are with some of our running “kaki”s (groupie).