Habitual teeth grinding,also known as bruxism is quite a common phenomenon.

The tale-tell signs would be very worn down teeth,and this can occur in the front teeth or the back teeth,or in severe cases,both front and back teeth are all worn out on the biting surfaces.

What causes bruxism is still generally unknown but there has been some studies done and it can be linked to a few possible reasons,among which is,

-phsychological stress

-certain sleep disorders

-malocclusion ie unnatural bite due to missing or broken teeth or misaligned teeth

-temporo-mandibular joint related problems

-increased intake of certain medication like antidepressants

-increased intake of alcohol

If you suspect that you grind habitually in your sleep,or your spouse or roommate can actually hear your night grinding,then you should see your dentist to have your teeth examined for signs of bruxism.

The usual signs are

-worn down enamel on the biting surfaces of your teeth

-tooth sensitivity especially when taking any cold food or drinks

-fracture lines on your teeth

-worn down fillings or fillings that often dislodge and have to be replaced

-aching and tired jaw especially in the mornings,at the temporo-mandibular joint area,which is situated in front of your ears

To prevent further wear and damage to the teeth ,your dentist would normally prescribe a custom night guard,to be worn at night when we are most unaware of the grinding and where we are unable to control the grinding

At the same time,you may need to address any  causes of phsychological stress that may lead to the bruxism.The stress may come from work or family or a particular  situation  you are going through.

If you have some sort of malocclusion that may be the underlying cause,then get your dentist to advise you on the various options for treatment to correct the problem.

You may need to be referred to a jaw specialist if it is a joint-related problem

In summary,if you think you grind habitually,talk to your dentist and get some advise and treatment where necessary.