I have always wished that teeth whitening was more affordable so that it is accessible to most people.The fact of the matter is that most of us wish we had whiter and brighter teeth but the main damper is the cost of the whitening.

I have been doing in-house professional whitening for my patients for more than 2 years now and yes,we do get satisfying results,in various degrees.However,in Malaysia,any kind of in-house or chair-side whitening will cost quite a bit ,especially where light-activation whitening is involved.

When I went to US last October to listen to some of the gurus of whitening, they were talking about whitening treatment that is growing exponentially in the US over the last 2-3 years.And interestingly, the type of whitening they talk about is that of dentist-supervised take-home whitening.

Take-home whitening as opposed to in-house whitening is where your dentist makes custom trays to fit your teeth and dispenses whitening gel for you to wear the trays with the gel in it overnight.The downside to this is ,you have to be compliant in wearing your trays and to do it as instructed by your dentist.And it takes at least 2 weeks or more before you see good results.Now,if you REALLY want whiter teeth,and you do not want to pay a lot for it,you would be compliant and you would be patient,right??

Well,here was an option to whiten at a much lower cost and most importantly,it works.In fact, more than that,the product that was presented to us contained PF,a term used to describe a combination of potassium nitrate and fluoride.(Potassium nitrate is the ingredient used in desensitizing tooth pastes and fluoride in safe amounts, has been proven to reduce tooth decay when used in tooth pastes as well as when it is topically applied on the teeth by your dentist.) So here we have not just a product that whitens but also reduces tooth decay and provides desensitizing effect during the process of whitening.It has also been proven to harden the enamel of the teeth over the period of use.

Take-home whitening is something that has been around for a long time.However it has obviously not lost its effectiveness with the development of newer and more superior products.

In this society where everyone wants things FAST,it may not sound very appealing.However,it is most definitely an option and take-home whitening has been proven to give better results when used long term because the rebound (to the oirignal colour) is a lot slower compared to chair-side whitening.