I just realised that I have not blogged for over 2 months(just posted one a moment ago 🙂 ),and before you know it,the year 2009 is just hours away.

The year has gone past so fast and looking back,again,I am thankful for the many people,relationships and happenings in 2008.

We have had lots of fun and laughter here at iSmile.I am so thankful for and proud of my team.They have worked hard and showed much dedication in their daily responsibilities.Without them,I would be quite incapacitated.

We took time off recently to go for a holiday together with our respective families,to Langkawi.

Here’s the gang at the Langkawi International Airport,all raring to go.

Of course,feasting,err I mean eating is a priority!

We did some touristy stuff like going on the boat ride to the mangrooves to visit the fishing villages,the bat caves and watch the famous eagles of Langkawi .We also took the cable car up to the highest point in Langkawi.Quite awesome!