I am not too fond of showing “before and after” pictures as they inevitably give the very wrong impression that with a snap of the finger and “Tada!”,you get an instant makeover.I am merely showing them because I want to get the message across that more often than not,we can use direct veneers as an alternative to crowns.

Direct veneers are composite material bonded directly on to the enamel of the teeth.It is unlike indirect veneers which is usually done with porcelain which is fired in the laboratory and then bonded onto the tooth with a bonding agent or luting cement.

Direct veneers are actually a very good and far more economical option when correctly indicated.However,as I said,the indications has to be right ie it is nor a magic potion for every and anyone.

I do quite a bit of veneers because there is minimal removal of tooth structure as compared to full coverage crowns where a lot of tooth structure has to be take off in order for the crown to be fitted on to the tooth.

This is a simple case where the patient has fractured his front tooth and there was no pain nor sensitivity over a long period of time.I did some tests to ensure the tooth is still healthy and proceeded to do a veneer for him.

The following person had whitening done followed by veneers over his 2 front teeth which had brown streaks on them since they came out in the mouth.

This other individual had very heavily restored 4 front teeth and the restorations tend to discolour and chip off every now and then.Instead of crowning them,I just placed some veneers over them and at the same time giving them a whiter shade.

This is a young person who has small front teeth and some of them pegged shaped.As a result,she has spaces between her front teeth.I just bonded the veneers on to make her teeth look wider and longer without removing any tooth structure at all.

They are really quite nice and durable.Again,I want to stress that it is not THE solution for everyone.