A commonly seen condition these days is erosion of the enamel of teeth,especially among the youth and young working adults.

This is usually seen at the outer surface of lower teeth particularly the premolars and the molars,at the gum margins.The erosion can range from mild to very severe with decay.They start with whitish patches,when enamel begin to leech its minerals due to constant and long term contact with acidic elements.They then begin to turn light brown as the enamel layer breaks down and eventually as decay sets in,the initial lesion cavitates deeper.

The most common cause for this condition is high consumption of carbonated drinks.They are not only highly acidic (ie corrosive),they also contain high sugar content.The common practice among young people these days is to sip on a can of carbonated drink throughout the day,sometimes several cans in a day.The oral cavity is constantly flooded with acid and sugar,which is a potent combination for decay to form.The cariogenic( decay -causing )bacteria in the mouth are having a ball with these individuals!

So,do be aware that not only are you heading for an early-age diabetic condition,you are also destroying your teeth unneccesarily.As my parents’ generation would advise,and wisely so,”Limit your consumption of carbonated drinks to Chinese New Year(or Hari Raya Puasa or Deepavali or other festive seasons)!”