There are some facts that you may need to know before deciding on whether you are a suitable candidate for tooth whitening.

If you have significantly large fillings or crowns on your front teeth(this includes all the teeth that can be visibly seen when you smile widely,the you have take into consideration that these will need to be redone after tooth whitening as they WILL NOT be whitened along with you natural teeth.I am stressing on this because,most of the time we budget for something only to find out that the final cost is more than expected.So,it is vital that you check with your dentist who is going to do the whitening procedure for you.


Pigments from our food and beverages( and nicotine from cigarette smoke ,for smokers)will get absorbed into our teeth. The peroxide in the whitening gel releases oxygen ions in our teeth and these ions chemically alter the stains and eliminate them.However,our teeth will continue to absorb stains.So,tooth whitening of any kind is not a treatment that has a permanent effect .

Some professional tooth whitening systems like Britesmile have their own follow-up maintenance products.These products are to be used regularly after the chairside procedure to counter and delay the relapse process .If you want to maintain bright teeth at all times,then you may have to consider repeating the whitening procedure every 2 years or so.


Most of us do not have teeth that are even coloured where every single tooth and tooth surface is of the same shade.More often than not,we have the canines more yellowish ir darker.Some of us have a band of transluscence at the biting edge of our teeth,others have a darker band nearer to the gum margin.All these are due to the difference in the thickness of enamel and dentin on each individual’s teeth.

Therefore,in cases like these,in total effect,your teeth will become a lighter colour but you cannot expect the entire surface to be of one shade ,or all your teeth to be of the exact same shade.This is because it is mainly your enamel that gets whitened by the peroxide in the whitening gel.


I would like to mention tetracyline stains again. Depending on the severity of these stains,which are intrinsic in nature (ie,these are stains that were deposited when your teeth are in their developemental stages), your teeth can only be lightened to a certain degree and you probably have to repeat the treatment several times (ie escalated cost for you)in a short period in order to get substantial results.Even so,the brownish/greyish hue which comes from the inner dentin layer cannot be fully masked.

So if you have tetracycline stains and you still want nice white teeth,tooth whitening is really not the treatment of choice.You would have to have ceramic crowns made for all the front teeth that are visible when you smile widely.


Having said all that.most of us want a brighter smile,so if you have a reasonably healthy set of teeth n gums and you want your teeth to look brighter and whiter,then,tooth whitening is definitely an option.