I took a week off to spend time with my family over the Chinese Lunar New Year.

After last year’s horrendous experience with the “balik kampung” traffic,we decided to leave town much,much earlier.

This year,we spent Chinese New Year with my parents and siblings and their family back in Sitiawan.It was great to just relax and eat(it is after all the Chinese New Year!) and catching up with loved ones.

The atmosphere was festive and the fireworks were spectacular.The amount of “ammunition” that was used made me wonder how many truckloads of fireworks were transported to a small town like Sitiawan for the new year 🙂


We had popiah(spring rolls) for new year in Sitiawan.Practically every household would have this dish.So you can imagine that it is roaring business for the popiah skin maker.(These skins are hand-made).Here is my elder daughter demonstrating how she wraps a popiah.


On New Years Day,we went to my parents’ church for a Thanksgiving Service.And I “looked like an ang pow”(-in my children’s words) in my Chinese New Year outfit!!

We went to Pangkor Island for a short family holiday.Bad mistake! We learnt our lesson,to NEVER EVER go to Pangkor Island on a major public holiday.There were 20 of us,including children and babies,and we had to contend with the HUGE crowd of people who were also going to the same destination.The experience of queuing to board the ferry was enough to drain us all…and the thought of the queue coming back certainly did not help at all 🙁

Anyway,we(optimistic people!) decided that we would have fun.And so we did.Happy Chinese New Year!!