Last week,our team,together with our respective family members went for some yummy food at a spanking new restaurant in SS2,PJ called Greenwood Cafe.In the spirit of “muhibbah”(racial unity),this was meant to be buka puasa(breaking of fast during this Ramadhan month) event for Siti and Idah,who are Muslims.

Since we were a large group(17 of us) of people descending upon them,I got hold of ther menu and got the orders to be faxed over to them earlier in the day.So,by the time we got to the restaurant,we just sat down ,ordered our drinks and before we knew it,all the food started to be served.Fantastic idea!!

We had so much fun together.The food was good and it was served in relatively large portions and the deserts were simply superb.We had a good time and needless to say,we were the loudest bunch of people in the entire restaurant  🙂