Recently TC,my husband and I signed up for a marriage course,(one of the things we do to keep our marriage strong and healthy 🙂 )and among some of the things to keep marriages going strong is for the couple to find activities of common interests to be involved in.

We decided to try mountain biking.

We have a good friend who is a mountain bike enthusiast and he invited us(or rather we asked him to invite us!) to try out the sport.So last weekend,Melvin loaded his bicycles into his van,and together with another friend,Peter, four of us went off to FRIM(Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia).

After a very comprehensive and precise briefing session on how to work the brakes and the gears and pedal positions etc,we set off on the road.That was quite easy,apart from manouvering the humps on the road.

Then Melvin said it was time to go off-road.And thats the REAL THING!! He said,”Don’t worry about the steep terrains,MTB stands for mountain biking,it also stands for “Mari Tolak Basikal”(Come,lets push the bike).How encouraging!!

It was tough,especially the climbs, but as greenhorns,we were just thankful that neither one of us fell.We spent approximately 3 hours on our bikes,taking rests now and then.It was quite a workout for all of us;we were drenched in sweat.We ended with a debriefing session.Cool!


The 3 guys and Melvin,our “sifu”,drinking from his water pouch through this pipe thingy that looked very much like my the one I have in my kitchen,attached to the cooking gas tank!

That’s us,with helmet and gloves and all!

Except for a sore bottom each,we agreed that this is a great sport,and yes,we CAN do this together again,and again.We have,in not so subtle terms,told Melvin to invite us again,soon,for our next common-interest activity 🙂