One year has passed by.ONE YEAR!!! It feels like I just got started at iSmile.

It has been a fulfilling year for me,both as a dentist,and as an individual who wants so much to have a balanced family and work life.I still wish I can spend more time with my four kids though and it scares me to see them growing up so fast.Nevertheless,I am thankful for the current circumstances.

Naturally,one year anniversary calls for celebration.I brought my team and their husbands for Brazillian food(apa tu???) at Bossanova in Parkroyal Hotel,downtown.

The food was interesting.The buffet table had a large spread of appetizers and salads.The grill had 13 variants of meat and seafood,which was served at our table by chefs in their tall hats,holding HUGE skewers and knives.

The ambience was nice and we had these 2 lady crooners belting out jazzy and upbeat numbers.There was a dance floor,supposedly for the diners to salsa and samba.Suddenly,all of us decided that our feet had turned to lead 🙂

We had a blast!!and we took lots of photos(but of course!)




     My fantastic team                                          and their wonderful husbands!