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May 20, 2007

Tooth coloured fillings-nano filler composite resin

Blogged under Aesthetic Dentistry,Dental Education,Technology by DrJean on Sunday 20 May 2007 at 10:03 pm

Materials used for fillings are constantly being researched and upgraded.Composite resins has been around for a long time,as a more esthetic option to the silver amalgams.

Over time.with technology and much R&D,composite resins has evolved to be a material with high quality esthetics.The size of the fillers particles used in composites will determine the polishibility and therefore the quality of esthetics in the results produced.Particle size has evolved from 1 micron(1000nm) in the 80s to around 20nm in today’s modern dentistry.Hence the nano-technology in tooth-coloured fillings.

For front teeth,we can get really good results with these new materials.Here are some examples of before and after pictures.We no longer have to live with ugly and unesthetic looking fillings on our front teeth!






Appreciate life and live it well

Blogged under Family,Personal by DrJean on Sunday 20 May 2007 at 10:01 pm

Last week,my husband,TC and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.After 14 good years and 4 kids later,we have grown to appreciate and love each other much more than ever.I always tell the young people going into marriage ,”Marriage is a good thing,but we must never take it for granted.We have to work at the relationship all the time to keep it going and growing”.I have learnt to respect,love and trust my husband over the years and it has not been too difficult because he has been a responsible man,husband and father.

We went for some “classy”food,(something more sophisticated than our regular mamak-stall or wai-sek-kai dinners,when we go on our weekly mum-n-dad-only night-outs).

We went to Riblees in Sri Hartamas,a placed run by this lovely couple with 2 kids.Kenny and Doreen has visited iSmile some time ago and while chatting with Doreen,I found out about Riblees.When we arrived,we saw their 2 kids having dinner at a corner in the restaurant.It is heart-warming to see them so dedicated in their business and at the same time wanting to be good parents who spend time with their young children.

The food is good and reasonably priced.The ambience was “anniversary-ish” enough.And we got dessert on the house after a superb meal!


The next day,while driving to KLIA for a meeting,TC met with a car accident.His car went into a spin while making a sharp turn on a slippery road,and his car hit the divider.We acknowledge God’s protection on his life and are thankful.He was unhurt but the car didn’t look too pretty. 🙁

That evening,we sat down in our living room together after dinner and just held each others’ hands and appreciated life,acutely aware that we need to live every moment of it well.

May 7, 2007

Holidays…how I love them!!

Blogged under Family,Personal by DrJean on Monday 7 May 2007 at 2:26 am

Over the Labour Day and Wesak Day break recently,we took the opportunity to close the clinic for a couple of days.I decided that my team at iSmile(including myself!!) deserve a good break.

I had a good holiday.Unglamorous and restful.Just spending unhurried time with family.We took an easy drive down to Singapore to visit my brother and his family.He had a recent addition to the family,super-cute baby Ryan,who is 3 months old.Now big sister Samantha,who is turning 3 soon,will have a play-mate.

It was great to just relax and “lepak”.We cooked together(or rather,my dear brother dazzled me with his new found ability to cook almost-gourmet meals!!!),we went cycling along the east coast beaches of Singapore,my 2 older children and my dear husband attempted to roller-blade(which I firmly declined-I have no intention of bruising my bottom with multiple falls!!)

   My brother,in his hospital scrubs home clothes, cooking his famous chicken curry.


We ended the holiday spending one night in Port Dickson.My children had a blast with water sports and I just revelled in the beauty of the sunset(which is rather rare to behold nowadays).


Hooray for holidays!!!

Fissure Sealants

Blogged under Children,Dental Education by DrJean on Monday 7 May 2007 at 1:44 am

 What is that??

Sealants are actually flowable resins/plastic material which are placed on biting surfaces of molars/back teeth,to seal up the pits and fissures of these surfaces.These sealants will bond to the grooves on the teeth and prevent food and plaque from sticking on them,and therefore preventing decay.

Fissure sealants are usually recommended for permanent molars of children from the time the molars erupt till their early teenage years.These are the crucial years where the children in this age group will be prone to decay.Generally,children in this age group are usually not very dilligent in brushing their teeth and their diet can be quite cariogenic,ie high sugar/acid diet. 

This is a preventive treatment.In other words,the sealants are placed on teeth that are not yet decayed.The process is quite simple and painless.The tooth requiring sealant will be cleaned by the dentist and a mild acid gel is painted on the fissures to etch the tooth surface.This is then quickly washed off and the tooth dried before the sealant is placed on the grooves.A blue light or sometimes and LED light is shone on to the sealant to set and harden it.


The sealants usually last for quite a number of years.However,over time,due to wear and tear,your dentist might need to repair some of them.Your dentist will check on the sealants during the 6 monthly dental check up.

Having said that,it does not meant that your child can be slack in his tooth brushing.The sealants will however make it easier to clean their teeth,as the grooves on the biting surfaces are now all covered up. 

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