What makes a good Chinese New Year(CNY) jam?

Zillions of “kampung”-bound city-dwellers trying to fit into the North-South Highway.

This CNY,instead of travelling to the east coast where my husband,TC’s “kampung” is,my in-laws decided to celebrate the reunion dinner in Penang instead,where their eldest son lives with his family.So,we dutifully planned our trip up north via the infamous highway.TC and I decided that we would leave late.”Let everyone else go first and get caught in the traffic jam,and by the time we leave,the highway would have cleared considerably”.So we thought.Sigh!!

We left home just before 11pm,after a good dinner and 40 winks.As we entered the highway,we were greeted by this,

The average speed for the first 2 hours was between 15 to 20kms an hour.TC was surfing the internet and reading his emails on his Blackberry while driving at that speed.Who said men can’t multi-task?? 🙂

We arrived safely in Penang just after 5am,and practically collapsed into bed!

Some snippets from CNY 2007.


My youngest,Lu-Zheng, played so hard that he fell asleep almost into his food during the fanily dinner on CNY eve.

     Ang pow time!

I was determined to re read my all time favourite by JRR Tolkein,the Lord of the Rings(for the 4th time,actually).

Well,CNY break is almost up and I am into the second of the three books.Once I start work on Monday the 26th,I may have to finish it next CNY…. 🙁