Dental treatment has moved towards aesthetics and cosmetics in the recent years.Dental material have also revolutionised to enable us as dental professionals to produce very aesthetically pleasing restorations on our patients.And for me,it is always most satisfying when my patients return to me or write to me to tell me how pleased they are with their new smile.

This is the case of Aireen.She has been walking around over the last few years with a badly discoloured front tooth which was previously root-canal treated.And she has some unaesthetic restorations placed on her two front teeth.

This was Aireen,before

And this is Aireen,after

The smile on her face was priceless.Aireen emailed me a picture of her taken with her friends over the Christmas season and this is what she wrote,”Hello Dr Jean,now I can smile like I used to.Thanks again.Regards,Aireen”

Aireen is seated 2nd from the right.Hey,Aireen.You look lovely!