Christmas has come and gone,and its another brand new year!The Christmas trees are taken down,the turkeys are all eaten up(including the bones being used to boil super duper ABC soup!).

I had several Christmas parties at home,and some of them were so noisy that my dear neighbours’ patience must have been severely tried,in spite of their graciousness.By the way,I have 2 wonderful families as neighbours.On my right is Pakcik Ahmad and his gentle and quiet makcik,both of them retirees from the civil service.On my left is Mr Najib and his red-head wife(she is of Arabic descent) and his fabulously gorgeous daughters,red-heads too!I am very blessed to have neighbours like them.They are ever ready to help and always willing to watch out for our house whenever we travel,even helping to water my plants.I leave my house keys with either one of my neighbours when we go out of town.That’s how good they are.

My first Christmas party was for my cell group from church and some invited guest.This was the mildest of all the parties I had.

Next one was a family Christmas dinner with my parents,siblings and relatives.Noisiness level was 7.5 out of ten.(We are mainly FooChows,famed to talk very loudly,especially in the presence of other FooChows,all the more related ones).



It was also the Winter Solstice Tang Yuan Festival,also known as Guo Dong.The Foochows eat these glutinous rice balls rolled in sweetened ground peanuts and ground soya beans.Yummy!!

And my dad’s 69th birthday.Here is mum and dad with their grandchildren,minus 2 more who couldn’t make it back from Melbourne,Australia.Two more grandkids due to enter the family with a big bang by  this Chinese New Year.

The 3rd party was for a bunch of Dental Students from the Dental Faculty of UM.I invite them to my home every Christmas for a good wholesome Christmas dinner.


They would play games,sing Christmas carols and exchange gifts.This year,there were about 30 of them and these are students between the age of 20 to 25.


This was was 9.9 out of 10 in terms of noisiness level.The next morning,I promptly presently both my wonderful(and long-suffering) neighbours with a big box of Ferrero Rocher, each.