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May 30, 2006

My signboard is up!!!

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Sunday morning 9am,the 28th May 2006.My signboard contractor,Voon Yew,called me to tell me that they were installing the signage.With no breakfast yet,I rushed to the clinic,which is thankfully less than 5 minutes away.


 The crane was in place and they were beginning to place the brackets on to the wall.


 That’s the signboard being placed in position.


That’s my 10-year-old son,Lu-Zhong,posing beside the iSmile logo.


Two of the men were lifted up all the way to the top floor,where they dropped down the ropes for hoisting the signboard.


And up it goes!


Almost there….


There it is!!


 Giving the thumbs up.Its in position!


Can you note the look of pride on both our faces?? Now we are all ready for a good hearty breakfast.



May 27, 2006

More Hanoi pictures.

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Let me show a few more pictures of Hanoi.TC and I went to for a 3-days and 2-nights Halong Bay tour,from Hanoi.

That’s me,waiting at the pier,all ready to board the boat.

And that’s the boat.                                        

This is the dining hall in the boat where we had our meals.


Halong Bay is a body of water of approximately 1,500 square kilometres in north Vietnam with a 120 kilometre coastline, in the Gulf of Tonkin near the border with China, and 170 kilometres east of Hanoi.The bay was World Heritage listed by UNESCO at the 18th meeting of the Committee of the World Heritages of UNESCO.It is one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations.              

We woke up in the morning on the boat the next morning,to low tide in Halong Bay.


We went jungle tracking in the National Park on Catba Island,the biggest of the nearly 2000 islands scattered in a dense cluster in Halong Bay.





Some of the islands support floating villages of fishermen, who ply the shallow waters for fish and mollusks.

Vietnamese coffee,the real thing!It’s so strong that expresso seems mild!

Our holiday ended with a very pleasant surprise.Malaysian Airline actually upgraded TC and I to business class seats on our journey home to Kuala Lumpur.

Hanoi was an interesting experience…

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I managed to sort out the gazillions of photos my husband,TC and I took in Hanoi.I picked out some interesting shots for this post.

Hello Hanoi!I took this from the airplane as we were cruising into Hanoi.Lots of padi fields…

The colourful streets of Hanoi Old Quarters,where we booked a hotel and stayed for 3 nights.

The streets of the Old Quarter are very interesting .They all have names that

start with “Hang” and every street will have something specific being sold there.

There will be everything silk on one street,and haberdashery on another.Then

there are streets just selling shoes of all kinds ,another with bags,and yet another

with art pieces etc.



This particular street had shops and shops selling towels of all sizes and shape.


I must not leave out the incredible motorcycles in Hanoi.Its swarming with them!

And initially,we were just too stunned by them that it seemed impossible to cross even a little street.After a day or two of observing how the locals cross the streets so effortlessly,TC and I concluded that we just have to walk straight on and the motorcyclists with naturally avoid us.It was heart-stopping the first few times we did that( definitely not recommendedd for people with weak hearts!).



That’s me (back to the camera) buying some Vietnamese coffee ,which they grind on the spot for us.The aroma was superbly intoxicating!Mmmmm….

I will post more soon.

The renovation of the clinic is more or less completed.Just some loose ends to tie up and some touching up here and there.

I had the privilege of having a small group of friends from my weekly Cell Group (from church)to come and do a blessing service in the clinic 2 days ago.I shared about my passion in dentistry and my vision for the clinic.It is a dream that grew over the years and I am about to see this dream being realised.I am very blessed to have my family and my dear friends to share this joy and excitement with.

May 24, 2006

Renovation almost completed!Yay!

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Hi,I just went on a holiday with my husband to Hanoi,in north Vietnam.Its our 13th wedding anniversary and we had a lovely time over 6 days.Lots of sightseeing and shopping!!I will share some pictures later.Too many for me to handle at the time being!

Let me show somemore renovation  shots which I took when I came home from my break.I was rather pleased the way things are progressing.I had my anxious moments when I was away,and felt a little out of control.Thankfully,my contractor Ricky,is a trustworthy person and he was very assuring.

The walls are all painted and the doors are installed,the cabinets are in and the dental chair is currently being installed.

That’s the main door to the clinic being installed.

That’s the sterilization room,with cabinets newly installed.

The dental chair,not quite like itself yet…

And,more dental chair-like…

Reception counter,lateral view.Let me save the frontal view for a later viewing!

May 18, 2006

Dental Clinic in Petaling Jaya

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Hi,my name is Jean and I am a dentist.I will be setting up my own dental clinic called iSmile Dental Center.I am still in the process of uploading the entire content of my iSmile site.

It has been an exciting journey for me to come to this point where I will actually be realising my dream of having my own dental practice,the way I want it to be.I thank God for the many people who have inspired and encouraged me.

I have some pictures of the renovation I want to share.Its quite interesting to see something take shape from the original state that it was in.

That was what it  looked like originally,stickers upon stickers plastered all over..

Disaster zone!Ceiling boards and wallpapers torn down,wires and cables dangling all over…

New frames for plaster ceiling,and things are beginning to look better.

Partition boards went up and this is lead sheet which is installed between the boards.Thats to block out X-rays .

The frontage was knocked out,and new glass was installed.

There is more .I will post more soon!

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